1. Postdoctoral Researcher for Planetary Science Group at Curtin University

    Deadline: March 15, 2018

    A 3-year post-doctoral research position to study the chronology of Mars using automated crater counting methods working with Assoc. Prof. Gretchen Benedix is available in the Planetary Science Group at Curtin University (Perth, Australia).

    Integrating image processing, high performance computing, geochemical and geochronological studies, this project aims to determine a detailed and accurate geologic timescale for Mars. The project aims to apply novel automated feature recognition techniques to high resolution space-craft derived images of the surface of Mars. Combining this with formation ages of Martian meteorites, the anticipated goal of the project is to define an absolute chronology for Mars. A more complete timescale will provide context for the geologic processes that affected Mars and may help to better understand the past habitability of the planet. The aim of this research is to combine two geochronology datasets – crater counting and new radiometric ages – in an innovative, multi-disciplinary way.

    Applicant must have a PhD in planetary geology, geophysics, or related field. Experience studying and interpreting Mars surface geology via image processing or machine learning highly desired. Experience with mineralogy/petrology of Martian rocks is also a plus.

    Website: https://webkiosk.curtin.edu.au/recruit/WK8127$APP.draw_attachments?P_VACANCY_REF_NO=5235&P_CALLER_URL=WK8127ZZDOLLARZZAPP.QueryListZZQMARKZZZ_VACANCY_CAT=ACADZZAMPZZZ_ORDER_BY=1