Ask an Astrobiologist Featuring Dr. Juan Pérez Mercader

Presenter: Juan Pérez Mercader, Centro de Astrobiologia
When: December 6, 2016 10AM PST

We are delighted to start afresh with our new program, “Ask an Astrobiologist”. This new format will be more interactive and allow participants to ask questions on Twitter! Use #askastrobio to submit your questions before the event! Questions will still be taken via SAGANet chat!

We welcome to SAGANet Dr. Juan Pérez Mercader, Founder & former Director of the Centro de Astrobiologia and current Professor at Harvard University!

More info: Ask an Astrobiologist Series

  • Once a month, SAGANet ( hosts a program called "Ask an Astrobiologist", where the public is invited to interact with a high-profile astrobiologist, who replies to twitter and chat questions live on video. Each session lasts about an hour.
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