1. Data Sharing

    Coast Range Ophiolite Microbial Observatory (CROMO)

    CROMO is a subsurface “observatory” to study serpentinite-hosted subsurface biospheres. If you are interested in data on the geochemistry and geomicrobiology of the serpentinizing subsurface, visit the CROMO website at: http://odr.io/cromo_analysis.

Data Sharing Benefits

  • Incentivizes researchers to produce and ensure higher quality data for sharing with peers, the scientific community, and the public
  • Enables research sponsors to promote and inspire research within a field
  • Encourages collaboration among researchers to share resources, acquire more data, and produce new findings
  • Assists the production of more meta-analyses, which address big picture topics
  • Reduces redundancy of data production in scientific research, which saves investment dollars and time
  • Helps to better inform planning and policy