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    Early Career Collaboration Award Application Deadline is April 1

    Don’t miss the next round of this astrobiology funding opportunity!

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    Signs of Warmth in Mars’ Past

    SETI Institute team’s new model suggests that the cold early climate of Mars may have been interrupted by sporadic short-term bursts of warmer, wetter environments to create surface clays.

    A Virus-Bacteria Coevolutionary ‘Arms Race’ Solves the Diversity Paradox

    A coevolutionary microbial ‘arms race’ may yield a possible solution to the diversity paradox.

    Does Titan’s Hydrocarbon Soup Hold a Recipe for Life?

    Scientists find evidence for vinyl cyanide in Titan’s atmosphere which may provide the cellular membranes for microbial life to form in Titan’s methane oceans.

    Life on Earth Arose Early and Diversified Rapidly

    Analysis of microfossils reveal a diversity of microbes that place the possible emergence of life on Earth earlier than previously assumed.

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    Upcoming Deadlines

    March 9 – Job Opportunity: NAS White Papers on the Exoplanet Science Strategy Application Deadline

    March 12 Planetary Image Analysis With ArcGIS Workshop Registration Deadline

    March 143rd Ocean Worlds Meeting Abstract Submission Deadline (Extended)

    March 14Comments on Draft SALMON-3 Program Element Appendix: Small Innovative Missions for Planetary Exploration (SIMPLEx) Deadline

    March 15Postdoctoral Position in Planetary Atmospheres at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Application Deadline —Early Career Opportunity

    March 15Postdoctoral Researcher for Planetary Science Group at Curtin University Application Deadline —Early Career Opportunity

    March 162018 Josep Comas i Sola International Summer School in Astrobiology Application Deadline —Early Career Opportunity

    March 202018 NASA Fellowship Activity Application Deadline —Early Career Opportunity

    March 2336th Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) Meeting Registration Deadline

    March 302018 NASA Exploration Science Forum Abstract Submission Deadline

    March 31AGU Planetary Science Section Leadership Opportunities Application Deadline

    March 31Postdoctoral Scholar in Mars Atmospheric Structure, Dynamics, and Aerosols (JPL/Caltech) Application Deadline —Early Career Opportunity

    April 1Nominations for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society Prizes Deadline

    April 22018 NASA Planetary Science Summer Seminar Application Deadline —Early Career Opportunity

    April 14ELSI Research Scientist Position Application Deadline

    April 15NASA Astrobiology Faculty Diversity Program (formerly Minority Institute Research Support Program) Application Deadline