1. NAI Newsletter

    AbGradCon 2018

    Highlights from the largest event for early-career Astrobiologists.

    AbGradCon 2018 Recap

    This year’s event had the largest attendance yet, with several international students. Watch the presentations at SAGANetLive.

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    The Maggie C. Turnbull Community Service Award

    The award went to postdoctoral scholar in physical chemistry, Rebecca Rapf.

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    Searching for the Great American Oxidation Event

    The NAI team at the University of Wisconsin report the first in situ analysis of all four S isotopes in metasediments of the Paleoproterozoic Huronian Supergroup.

    Atmospheric Seasons Could Signal Life on Exoplanets

    The Alternative Earths Team explores atmospheric seasonality as an exoplanet biosignature..

    Victoria Meadows Honored

    Dr. Victoria Meadows of the Virtual Planetary Laboratory receives the 2018 SETI Drake Award. She is also featured in Quanta Magazine.

    Habitability of the Young Earth Could Boost the Chances of Life Elsewhere

    Researchers at NASA and the University of Washington discover more moderate conditions on early Earth than previously assumed.

    NASA Finds Ancient Organic Material, Mysterious Methane on Mars

    NASA’s Curiosity rover finds new evidence in Mars’ rocks and atmosphere that suggest the planet could have supported ancient life.

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    Upcoming Deadlines

    June 22 – Job Opportunity: ROSES-18 Amendment 13: C.23 ICEE 2 Step-1 Proposals Application Deadline

    June 29Cassini Science Symposium 2018 Early Registration Deadline

    June 30XXX International Astronomical Union General Assembly Registration Deadline

    June 30 High Resolution Spectroscopy for Exoplanet Atmospheres Registration Deadline

    July 1European Astrobiology Conference (EANA 2018) Abstract and Travel Grant Application Deadline

    July 5European Planetary Science Congress 2018 Presenter Registration Deadline

    July 5Geological Society of America (GSA) 2018 Meeting International Travel Grant Application Deadline

    July 10Cool Stars 20 Registration Deadline

    July 122018 Planetary Protection of Outer Solar System (PPOSS) Tutorial Registration Deadline

    July 15European Astrobiology Conference (EANA 2018) Early Bird Registration Deadline

    July 17The First Billion Years: Bombardment Abstract Submission Deadline

    July 18Late Mars Workshop Abstract Submission Deadline