1. Instituto de Astrobiología Colombia (IAC)

    Website: http://www.astrobiologia.org

    Jorge Enrique Bueno Prieto, Director
    Department of Biology
    Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    Bogota, Colombia

    Recent & Upcoming Activities of the IAC

    3rd International Congress of Astrobiology
    October 18 – 22, 2016

    2nd International Congress of Astobiology
    September 24 – 28, 2012

    About the Instituto de Astrobiologia in Bogota, Colombia

    The NAI has accepted an Affiliate Partnership proposal from the Instituto de Astrobiologia in Bogota, Colombia. The goals of the Institute de Astrobiologia are:

    • Contributing to scientific excellence, creativity and innovation for Astrobiology education and research in Latin America;
    • Promoting interdisciplinarity in basic and engineering sciences; and
    • Encouraging and inspiring children, young adults, and the general public in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) topics through Astrobiology.

    The Instituto approaches these goals by:

    • Promoting education and research in Astrobiology in schools and universities throughout Colombia;
    • Developing research projects in Colombia’s scientific centers;
    • Training teachers in the interdisciplinary methods of Astrobiology; and
    • Strengthening Astrobiology in Latin America.

    The Instituto has partnership agreements with:

    The NAI and the Instituto de Astrobiologia envision working together initially in three areas: (1) programs to engage and train students and young researchers in Astrobiology; (2) the development of Spanish-language astrobiology materials for use in the United States and in Latin America; and (3) microbiology and related research on organisms from extreme environments.