Icy Satellites Environments Focus Group


Chairs: Kevin Hand and Patricia Beauchamp

The goals of the Icy Satellites Environment Focus Group (ISEFoG) are to share relevant astrobiology research results, act as a forum for programmatic input into NASA missions, and to provide a venue for fostering new and interdisciplinary collaborative work. The Icy Satellites Environment Focus Group was formed from the combination of the Europa Focus Group, led by Ron Greeley and the Titan Working Group, led by Jonathan Lunine. The new charter now encompasses both Titan and Europa, as well as other icy worlds of astrobiological interest, such as those found on our own planet, Earth, and in the polar regions of Mars. The Icy Satellites Environment Focus Group intends to encompass all icy environments to enable cross-fertilization between scientists in the various disciplines.


The Habitability of Icy Worlds workshop took place in Pasadena, CA on February 5-7, 2014. All talks and presentations were recorded and are available for viewing here. Also a follow up article was published in EOS which you can read here

The workshop’s primary focus was the astrobiological potential of icy worlds in the outer solar system, including Europa, Ganymede, Enceladus, Titan, and beyond. Participants discussed future research directions and spacecraft missions that can best assess that potential. The agenda for the workshop was organized around thematic sessions that address the potential habitability of the unique planetary environments of the outer solar system.

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4/26/2010 meeting minutes

6/10/2010: Quarterly Virtual Discussion/Seminar Agenda:
-10 minute discussion about Group administrative issues and future plans – Pat Beauchamp
-10 minute student presentation – Morgan Cable, Caltech/JPL talked about Development of a Chemical -Analysis Protocol for the Surface of Titan
-5 minute student presentation discussion
-30 minute presentation by experienced researcher – Kevin Hand talked and invited discussion on -‘Astrobiology Science for the Europa Jupiter System Mission’
-5 minutes discussion of presentation.


June 10, 2010

September 8, 2010

December 1, 2010


The first meeting/workshop of the re-scoped Icy Worlds Focus Group was held in September 2007, with a goal to assess the current outer planet “Flagship mission” studies, and to provide input back to the study groups themselves. The 45 participants provided written assessments and participated in discussions on each of the four candidate mission targets: Europa, Titan, Enceladus, and the Jupiter System.