1. March 17, 2017 Agenda

    10:00-10:30 Updates from NASA HQ (Mary Voytek)

    10:30-10:40 NAI Annual Science Report: “The Print Piece” (J. Fletcher, All)

    10:40-10:50 AbSciCon: Summary of Key Events (Penny, All)

    10:50-11:00 Announcements
    - AbGradCon 2017 at NRAO in Charlottesville, VA (June 5th-9th)
    - Planetary Science Advisory Committee Nominations
    - International Astrobiology Summer School – Santander, Spain
    - Minority Institution Research Sabbatical
    - Early Career Collaboration Award
    - Other

    11:00-11:10 Open Mic: Highlights from Written Reports or Other Topics

    11:10-11:30 Extended Team Science: Doug LaRowe (USC) – Quantifying the Temperature Constraints for Life in Marine Sediments

    11:30 Adjourn