1. August 25, 2017 Agenda

    10:00-10:20 Welcome (Back) from Penny Boston (Penny)
    ** NAI 20th Anniversary **

    10:20-10:35 Report from AbGradCon and Proposal Writing Retreat
    (Brett McGuire and Becky Rapf)

    10:35-10:40 Exoplanet Biosignatures Workshop Without Walls: Update

    10:40-10:55 October In-person EC Meeting at MIT (Greg Fournier, All)

    10:55-11:00 Announcements
    - Move September EC videocon date?
    - Habitable Worlds 2017: A System Science Workshop
    - ELSI 6th International Symposium
    - Upcoming program due dates (Melissa)
    - Other

    11:00-11:10 Open Mic: Highlights from Written Reports or Other Topics

    11:10-11:30 Extended Team Science: SETI Institute Team,
    Alfonso Davila – The Search for a Second Genesis of Life in the Solar System

    11:30 Adjourn