1. Virtual Events and Collaboration Infrastructure

    The Institute’s design as a virtual, distributed organization necessitates the use of collaborative technologies to enable collaboration and communication among and between its geographically distributed teams and the greater astrobiology community. NAI Central strives for these technologies to be transparent to the community and offers a suite of tools evaluated and selected for ease-of-use, reliability and quality.

    To facilitate adoption of these tools by the community, NAI has an experienced collaboration team that provides training and individual support for users. This tight integration with the community provides valuable information and feedback that is used to improve implementation, training and tool evaluation. The tools, collaboration team, and its reach into the community are collectively referred to as the “collaboration infrastructure”.

    In recent years NASA has developed additional virtual institutes based on the NAI model. The staff that supports virtual collaboration has expanded into a larger Ames Collaboration Team made up of staff from the three NASA Virtual Institutes and other distributed programs at Ames. This team provides a broader range of experience and skills plus surge and backup support when needed (critical for live-event production).

    Using this collaboration infrastructure, NAI Central produces an average of three virtual science seminars per month, hosts monthly EC videoconferences, and supports the community in the production of their own meetings and seminars.

    The NAI staff is available to help the community select the best technologies to fit their needs and security requirements. Please contact Estelle Dodson, estelle.dodson@nasa.gov with questions.