1. Astrobiology Grand Tour 2018

    Australian Centre for Astrobiology “Grand Tour”

    The Australian Centre for Astrobiology at UNSW is running another Astrobiology “Grand Tour” in July 2018, led by Professor Martin Van Kranendonk, a leading expert in Precambrian geobiology. This field trip in Western Australia will visit sites that every astrobiologist or geobiologist should see at least once in their lives. It will be a high level educational and cultural/sensory experience that will enrich all participants – scientists and non-scientists alike!

    Dates: Monday 2nd to Wednesday 11th July, 2018
    Location: Western Australia, starting in Perth and finishing in Port Hedland
    Accommodation: Outdoor camping (tents/swags included)
    Cost: AUD $3000 per person


    Two scholarship opportunities are available:

    1) Early-Career PhD Astrobiologist Scholarships: The NASA Astrobiology Institute will provide partial support of $1000 each for up to individuals to cover field trip expenses. Selected individuals will then be responsible for the remainder of the expenses: airfare, Visa fees, ground transportation to/from airports, etc.

    Applicants should provide:
    - A short description of how participation in this trip will contribute to your research or training in astrobiology
    - A letter of support from your advisor/principal investigator

    Applications are due by April 13, 2018 to Dr. Melissa Kirven-Brooks, Staff Scientist at the NAI, melissa.kirven-brooks@nasa.gov.

    2) Student Scholarships: To apply to scholarships through the ACA, please fill out an application at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd1BknP2VNXz9N5KkFgKF9m7GjctmbIKodRxioUR0nA4BXAQg/viewform?usp=sf_link. Scholarship applications close April 4, 2018.


    For more information, or to join the expressions of interest mailing list, please email astrobiologygrandtour18@gmail.com. Application information to attend the Astrobiology Grand Tour will be emailed to the EOI list in early April.

    Website: http://astrobiology.nz/aam2018/2018/01/15/event-2-astrobiology-grand-tour/

    Location: AU