1. AGU 2018 Session P049: The Interiors of Jupiter and Saturn in the Era of Juno and Cassini

    The ongoing Juno mission and the recently concluded Cassini mission have provided a wealth of new measurements (e.g. gravity field, magnetic field, composition, seismic waves) revealing key aspects of the interiors of Jupiter and Saturn for the first time. Examining these new measurements from both planets, separating common themes from specific expressions, is a critical step towards a coherent understanding of the formation, evolution, and interior dynamics of giant planets in the solar system and beyond. This session will bring together observation and interpretation of gravity field, magnetic field, composition, seismic waves at Jupiter and Saturn. Topics will include depth of strong differential rotation (zonal flows), helium and heavy element abundance, generation of intrinsic magnetic field, existence and properties of the central core, seismic, thermal, and magnetic consequences of stable stratification, as well as formation scenarios and evolution pathways.

    Primary Convener: David Stevenson
    Conveners: Hao Cao, Scott Bolton, Luciano Less

    Website: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm18/prelim.cgi/Session/50215

    Location: Washington DC, US