1. AGU 2018 Session P044: Super-Earth Detection, Characterization and Modeling - How Habitable Are They?

    Transit detections and radial velocity measurements have shown the existence of numerous exoplanets larger than Earth, yet of bulk density comparable to a rocky world: super-Earths. Within the next two years, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission is expected to significantly increase the number of super-Earth detections, which will need to be characterized, especially in terms of their habitability in our search for exo-life. This can be achieved via observations of multiple types but it also requires a deep knowledge of the physical processes at play in their interiors to build reliable models. This session seeks to improve our understanding of super-Earths and their habitability from an observational, experimental and theoretical perspective through a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to planetary sciences, mineral physics, exobiology, geochemistry and geodynamics.

    Francois Soubiran (Ecole Normale Superieure Lyon)
    Natalia V Solomatova (Ecole Normale Superieure Lyon)
    Franck Marchis (SETI Institute)
    Anais Kobsch (Ecole Normale Superieure Lyon)

    Website: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm18/prelim.cgi/Session/51966

    Location: Washington DC, US