1. Event Calendar

    May 2019

    May 26–30
    Japanese Geoscience Union (JPGU) meeting

    Chiba, JP

    May 27–31
    3rd Advanced School on Exoplanetary Science: "Demographics of Exoplanetary Systems"

    Vietri sul Mare, IT

    May 28–30
    The First General Assembly of the European Astrobiology Institute (EAI)

    Liblice, CZ

    June 2019

    June 01–October 01
    2019 Young Scientist - Blue Marble Space Institute of Science

    California, US

    June 05–06
    Planetary Exploration Horizon 2061 Synthesis Workshop

    Toulouse, FR

    June 09–13
    234th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society

    St. Louis, MO, US

    June 10–13
    Impacts and their role in the Evolution of life

    Tällberg, Siljan area, SE

    June 11–14
    TRAPPIST-1: Towards the Comparative Study of Temperate Terrestrial Worlds

    Liege, BE

    June 12–14
    Exoclimes Simulation Platform (ESP) Inaugural Summer School

    Guarda Val, CH

    June 17–20
    From Stars to Planets II

    Gothenburg, SE

    June 24–28
    AbSciCon 2019

    Seattle, Washington, US

    June 24–July 05
    SCK•CEN Space Summer School

    Mol, BE

    June 24–25
    Small Bodies Assessment Group (SBAG)

    Greater Washington DC area, US

    June 27–28
    Europlanet Workshop: S-SAIL - Solar System Atmospheres Investigation and exopLanets

    Lisbon, PT

    June 30–July 04
    Royal Astronomical Society 2019 National Astronomy Meeting

    Lancashire, GB

    July 2019

    July 15–19
    2019 Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshop: Astrobiology for Astronomers

    Pasadena, CA, US

    July 18–20
    International Meeting on Paleoclimate: Change and Adaptation

    Coimbra, PT

    July 21–26
    2018 Gordon Research Conference: Archaea: Ecology, Metabolism and Molecular Biology

    Geneva, SZ

    July 22–26
    AbGradCon 2019

    Salt Lake City, UT, US

    July 22–26
    Ninth International Conference on Mars

    Pasadena, CA, US

    July 22–29
    2019 International Summer School in Astrobiology: From Astrochemistry to the Origin of Life

    Santander, ES

    July 23–25
    NASA Exploration Science Forum

    Moffett Field, California, US

    August 2019

    August 12–15
    Exoclimes 2019

    Oxford, GB

    August 19–23
    Extreme Solar Systems IV

    Reykjavik, IS

    August 25–29
    Water in the Universe - 258th National Meeting

    San Diego, CA, US

    August 28–30
    First Annual Meeting on Imaging for Life Detection

    Michigan, Ann Arbor, US

    September 2019

    September 08–12
    The First Billion Years: Habitability

    Big Sky, Montana, US

    September 15–20
    Centre International de Conferences de Geneve (CICG)

    Geneva, SZ

    September 15–20
    European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC-DPS) Joint Meeting 2019

    Geneva, SZ

    September 15–20
    EPSC-DPS Session OPS2: Saturn System and The Cassini-Huyens Mission

    Geneva, CH

    September 15–20
    EPSC-DPS Session EXO10/TP11: Advances in Developing Quantitative and Realistic Models of Terrestrial Planet Formation and Their Chemical Compositions

    Geneva, SZ

    September 15–19
    Habitability: Producing Conditions Conducive to Life

    Big Sky, Montana, US

    September 22–25
    2019 GSA Annual Meeting

    Phoenix, AZ, US

    September 23–25
    Titan after Cassini-Huygens Workshop

    Madrid, ES

    September 23–October 01
    GeoPlaNet Analogue Field School - Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Solar System

    Nantes, FR

    October 2019

    October 02–05
    Potential Landing Sites and Cloud Layer Habitability on Venus Workshop

    Moscow, RU

    October 21–25
    70th International Astronautical Congress

    Washington D.C., US

    November 2019

    November 04–08
    4th COSPAR Symposium

    Herzliya, IL

    November 05–08
    Mars Extant Life: What’s Next?

    Carlsbad, NM, US

    January 2020

    January 13–17
    Seventh International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration

    Ushuaia, AR

    August 2020

    August 15–23
    43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly

    Sydney, AU