2011 Annual Science Report

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reporting  |  SEP 2010 – AUG 2011

EPO Activity: Social Media and Web

Project Progress

An average of 54 people a month engage with our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ComplexLifeNAI – (click on posted content). The site has 276 total ‘likes’. We use the site to advertise upcoming events as well as share interesting links to articles and other content relevant to astrobiology. Our website, “http://www.complex-life.org/”:, has had 10,576 visits from November 1, 2010 to November 1, 2011, with 7,670 unique visitors from 112 countries around the world. Many of these visitors are accessing E/PO content including our WebQuest on Ediacaran life (1,558 visits), and our Cambridge Science Festival timeline page (1,302 visits). Since June 2010, our Youtube Channel videos on early animal life and the Neoproterozoic time period have been viewed 14,047 times. The most popular visit on the site is an overview of phylogenetic trees and the Ediacaran fauna, which has been viewed 5,488 times. Our twitter feed has 219 followers who are kept informed about our group’s current events as well as events taking place in the broader Astrobiology community.