2011 Annual Science Report

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reporting  |  SEP 2010 – AUG 2011

EPO Activity: Modeling Planetary Albedo EPO Report

Project Progress

1) Several interdisciplinary sessions at international conferences were organized on the topic of “Super-Earths and Life” (LK & DS).

DPS, Nantes, France, “Super-Earths and Life” Oct. 11
AG (German Astronomical Society annual mtg) Sep. 11
EGU -Characterization of Exoplanets April 11

2) Several public talks on the topic were given:
House of Astronomy, Heidelberg “Life in the universe?” July 11
Heidelberger star hour “How to find a habitable planet” July 11
Heidelberger star hour “Searching for signs of life in a planet’s spectra” July 11
K12 school talk “Characterizing a Habitable Planet – an interdisciplinry puzzle” Sep. 11

3) Several colloquia and science talks at international conference:
Hereaus Exoplanet Meeting, “Super-Earth and Life”, Germany June 11
IAUC280, Toledo, Spain “Characterizing a Habitable Planet – an interdisciplinry puzzle” May 11
MIT exoplanet symposium “Exoplanet research in the next 50 years” May 11
Flagstaff Extrasolar Planet meeting, USA “Observing Earth-like planets with JWST” May 11
Max Planck institute for Radio Astronony Bonn April 11
University of Bern March 11
UMass Amherst Jan 11

4) Scientific Adviser and interview on the Boston Planetarium Show: “Undiscovered Worlds” 2011

5) several Radio and Newspaper interviews about the Habitability of discovered planets and Super-Earths (NYT, Washington Post, BBC, NASA Watch, etc.)

6) Several TV interviews (LK&DS): e.g. National Geographics London, Servus TV Germany