2011 Annual Science Report

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Reporting  |  SEP 2010 – AUG 2011

EPO Activity: EPO - GCA Activities at Science Jamboree

Project Progress

On the Celebrate GSFC Day and Science Jamboree on June 22, 2011, GCA scientists Aki Roberge and Avi Mandell gave a lecture on “The Quest for Nova Terra: Finding Earth-Like Exoplanets” that was well-attended by GSFC summer interns. Paul Mahaffy and Daniel Glavin displayed a model of the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument suite on the GSFC mall. SAM will be launched on the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) in November 2011. Jason Dworkin and Jamie Elsila-Cook conducted tours of the Astrobiology Analytical Laboratory where GCA scientists carried out analyses of natural and synthetic extraterrestrial materials, e.g., meteorites.

Drs. Daniel Gavin® and Alex Pavlov (L) with the SAM display at the Science Jamboree