2011 Annual Science Report

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Reporting  |  SEP 2010 – AUG 2011

EPO Activity: 2010 EPO - GCA Website Redesign

Project Progress

To engage and involve the general public and the scientific community in the research activities of the Goddard Center for Astrobiology (GCA), the GCA website (http://astrobiology.gsfc.nasa.gov/) has been redesigned with improved contents to highlight the four GCA research themes, with sidebars featuring multimedia educational resources, interesting astrobiology facts, Mars Google viewer (Figure 1), and RSS feeds for press releases and web features. Video vignettes of six GCA scientists are presented, including one in Spanish (Figure 2).

Figure 1 – Google Mars. ​Methane on Mars Interactive Viewer based on Google Mars on GCA website.

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