2010 Annual Science Report

University of Hawaii, Manoa Reporting  |  SEP 2009 – AUG 2010

EPO Activity: 2010 HI STAR Summer Program

Project Progress

The 2010 HI STAR program has the goal of developing astronomy research skills in 12-16 year old students and having them conduct Science Fair quality projects so they will pursue STEM majors in college. 50% were returnees continuing to improve on their physics/astronomy background for their research projects. Only 3 students had no astronomy background. Lectures on Io, Jupiter’s moon, “solar anger management”, astrobiology, radiation and other topics were presented by scientists. Our astronomer mentors had all developed group projects which the students worked on for 10 hours with them. Students spent more time completing their projects. Group presentations were done at the UH IfA library before staff and parents. The students showcased their projects on comets, extrasolar planets, asteroids, heliophysics, nebulae and stars. Students received certificates at the banquet with private donors present. Currently, about 56% of students are definitely working on projects. We also have 3 “new” students interested in working on galaxy and asteroid projects with the hope of participating in 2011 HI STAR. We expect a greater percentage of HI STAR students completing projects for Science Fair in 2011. The dilemma at this point is how to keep our former HI STAR students motivated and having more opening for new students. Accepting more students for the program is challenging for our resources, both human and monetary. 16 students with 8 teacher/staff has worked very well, considering the academic, social and emotional needs of these young people.